About Us

Centura Brands specializes in marketing and sales services integrating three distinct areas of business: manufacturing, licensing and sales brokerage.

For over 25 years, Centura Brands Inc. has been representing successful organizations interested in marketing hair, skin and children's brands in Canada. Centura Brands wide range of products are available at major retailers across Canada including: Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Loblaws Companies Ltd., Costco, Katz Group, Jean Coutu and London Drugs.

In 1989, Centura's principals recognized a niche opportunity to manage the many diverse commercial needs of consumer packaged goods companies who wanted to develop their brands for long-term profit and sustainability. Centura's model for success has been fostered by customizing strategic partnerships and strong supplier and retailer relationships.

  • Owning and/or developing brands which require manufacturing, marketing and sales expertise.

  • Strategic licensing partnerships with global companies that want to hire Centura to broker, distribute or manufacture their products.

  • Centura offers a wide range of turnkey services to their partners including: innovation, product development, in-house graphic design, as well as a dedicated Sales and Marketing team.

  • Centura's brand portfolio includes brands such as

  • Centura's products are available in most major retail outlets across Canada and in select retailers in the US and globally.